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                                    Kathy Brown, MC, CHHC, CPT   

Kathy Brown began her professional career as a secondary education English teacher.  Seeing the need to help those students who were not experiencing success, she began to work with the “at risk” student population, where she created and conducted classes to help students survive and eventually thrive in the high school environment.

This led to her decision to earn a Master of Counseling degree (MC) from Arizona State University.  Hired as a high school counselor, she worked with the student body at large, dealing with every day issues and problems of teens and their parents, personal and academic goal setting, vocational choices, college scholarships and performance issues with high school athletes.

Kathy was then offered an opportunity to work as a counselor at Chandler Gilbert Community College for the Nursing Program.  The student population was comprised of adult males and females, many of whom were returning to an educational setting for the first time in many years.  In addition to assisting in helping students with academic challenges, Kathy provided personal support for the many challenges facing adult students, such as finances, family and relationship issues, conflicts with faculty and other students, and various other life issues that impact the ability of students to be successful in the demanding field of nursing.

One of Kathy’s lifelong passions has been the integration of mental, emotional, nutritional and physical fitness.  In addition to her Master of Counseling degree, she has earned both the Personal Trainer and Health Coach Certifications from the American Council on Exercise.  In addition, she completed the year long course from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, earning the designation of Certified Holistic Health Coach.  She plans to share her knowledge and experience to help others find their own personal, unique pathway to a happier, healthier and more productive way of life.

It has been Kathy’s pleasure to work in her field with both groups and individuals, helping her clients achieve their goals with her support and encouragement.  She is grateful to all of the people she has helped, as they have enriched her life as much as she hopes she has enriched theirs.

Joe Brown, MBA, M.Div.

Joe has a most interesting and eclectic educational background.  He earned both a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Business Administration.  He has always loved helping people, and he believed that the workplace was a good arena to do so.  His early career was as a youth counselor for a government program to help young people complete their education and obtain job training.  Later, as a successful executive in the commercial real estate property management field, Joe especially enjoyed helping his staff grow both personally and professionally in their careers. 

Joe has always cared about giving back, to family, friends and community.  He recently has volunteered with Hospice of the Valley and Circle the City, two non-profit organizations that greatly appreciated both his personal and professional expertise in helping those in need.

After many years of being fully employed and engaged in the workforce, Joe has much to offer clients who seek a healthy work/life balance, career development, conflict resolution skills and stress management strategies.

His affirming and easy-going approach to relationships has earned Joe many compliments from his staff members over the years.  He is well-known in the industry for being hard-working, supportive and a real team player.  Joe encourages and empowers others to be their best selves both on the job and in their personal lives.  Type your paragraph here.

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